Professional Work - stuff I got paid for

Over the Hedge Cutscenes -
full-motion video cutscenes for Over the Hedge on the Nintendo DS. All character assets were in-game models with relatively few morph targets. The dev cycle was insanely short, and ultimately the screen is only 256x192. It was an exercise in getting 'bang for the buck'. Over the Hedge characters are licensed property of DreamWorks Animation.

character intro - 0:08
deflecting the blame - 0:05
Hammy is clueless - 0:07
off to rob people - 0:06
short-lived celebration - 0:16
some bad news - 0:13
Hammy saw it on tv - 0:20

Personal Exercises - lip syncing and acting and action for my own growth and satisfaction and kicks

Soccer Ball Exercise - 0:06

Wanted to briefly convey control and lack of control, as well as interaction between a character and an object.

Run Away! - 0:13

It occurred to me that 'heavy lift' exercises and run cycles were rather sadistic. Tried to achieve a frantic pace and still maintain readability. Hmm.

Little Secret - 0:14

Lip synch exercise using audio from Twin Peaks. The speaker sounds so patronizing and condescending; a bondage scene was the only way to go.
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Leash - 0:08

A tension and pulling exercise.

"In a World..." - 0:15

Another short lip sync. This fun clip is from the trailer for Jerry Seinfeld's The Comedian.
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Stretch Has Animator's Block - 0:35

Started this exercise with audio, but I liked it better when I removed it. If it's successful, the viewer can identify without being told what Stretch is thinking.
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Shorts - most of these were exercises that developed a mind of their own.

Stretch at the Bus Stop - 1:05

A study of emotional transition through body language. Watch Stretch lash out at inanimate objects. Layout by Mark Gelfuso. Music from Glen Grey's "Smoke Rings".
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Stretch Chases the Bus (Stretch at the Bus Stop Part II) - 1:00

This began as a run cycle and turned into a "sequel". Bus created by Jason Reynolds. Music by John Williams.
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Stretch at the Movies - 1:45

I wanted to study emotional transitions and what characters do when "nothing" happens. Here, Stretch learns that he's more emotional than he previously thought. Audio clip from Columbia TriStar Pictures Jerry Maguire.
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Nando the Penguin - 2:20

An oddball penguin brings something new and fresh to the bland arctic environment. Animator lesson learned: leave the shaders to the tech guys.
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Spring Training - 1:30

An overconfident oaf learns that sometimes size and strength make no difference in the game of baseball. Animator lesson learned: sub-D is a waste of time.
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Bang - 0:50

In my first 3D animation, the little protagonist wakes up to a really bad day. Animator lesson learned: leave particle effects to the tech guys.
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AudioPhil - 1:15

In my first (and only) stop motion piece, AudioPhil faces an impossible situation... an annoying song stuck in his head. Disclaimer: I mean no offense to polka or polka enthusiasts. Polka is a national treasure. Somewhere.
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Visual Effects... kinda - A couple attempts at visual fx work. My horizons, they are broadened.

Pest - 1:15

In my first (and only) compositing attempt, it's sometimes best to leave small problems alone. Karma.
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Snow Penguin - 1:00

In this particle exercise, I mapped particle velocity to surface point velocity. Or something. No, really... I did. But, try to imagine a lot more snow. Like, A LOT more.
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